Yaima Fernandez

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Owner, Stylist
Yaima Fernandez was born in Cuba! She found her passion for styling hair for her family and friends. Her desire to grow motivated her to apply for the lottery where she had the opportunity to immigrate to the USA and follow her dream to be a hair stylist. She arrived in Lafayette in 2002, worked to support herself and attend cosmetology school.

The Aveda Institute provided the education and support she needed to make her dream come true (while learning English at the same time)! After nine months she graduated with honors. She went to work at LisaKaren Salon and learned her big smile and sincere attitude was more important than her broken English. She had the opportunity to work with Lisa and gained an understanding of how important it is to connect with clients and put them first. She became a US citizen in 2007! In the year 2014, she purchased the salon and gave it a new name, 'Melange Salon' where everyone is working together with a wonderful staff and rocking!

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